Chen Immigration: Navigating the Complexities of U.S. Immigration Law

By EricAdamson

If you’ve ever waded through the intricate web of U.S. immigration law, you know it’s no walk in the park. From filing forms to understanding legal jargon, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Enter Chen Immigration, a firm that has made it their mission to simplify the process and help clients achieve their American dream. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Chen Immigration, exploring what they do, how they do it, and why they’re a top choice for those navigating the U.S. immigration system.

Who is Chen Immigration?

Chen Immigration, officially known as North America Immigration Law Group (NAILG), is a well-established law firm specializing in employment-based immigration petitions. They have carved a niche for themselves in handling EB-1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability), EB-1B (Outstanding Researcher/Professor), and EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) cases. With a team of highly experienced attorneys, Chen Immigration has built a reputation for success, boasting an impressive approval rate for their clients.

The Services Offered by Chen Immigration

Chen Immigration offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Here’s a closer look at what they bring to the table:

1. EB-1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability)

The EB-1A visa is designed for individuals who can demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field, whether it be science, arts, education, business, or athletics. Chen Immigration helps clients compile compelling evidence, including publications, citations, awards, and other achievements that showcase their extraordinary talents.

2. EB-1B (Outstanding Researcher/Professor)

For researchers and professors who have made significant contributions to their field, the EB-1B visa is an excellent option. Chen Immigration assists clients in gathering the necessary documentation, such as research papers, peer reviews, and letters of recommendation, to prove their outstanding status.

3. EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver)

The EB-2 NIW is for individuals whose work is in the national interest of the United States. This category doesn’t require a job offer, making it a popular choice for self-petitioners. Chen Immigration’s expertise lies in crafting detailed petitions that highlight the national importance of the client’s work, supported by strong evidence and expert testimonials.

4. I-140 Petition for Immigrant Worker

The I-140 petition is a crucial step in the employment-based green card process. Chen Immigration provides meticulous assistance in preparing and filing this petition, ensuring all necessary documents are in order and presenting a strong case for approval.

5. PERM Labor Certification

For those seeking permanent residency through employer sponsorship, the PERM labor certification is an essential requirement. Chen Immigration guides employers and employees through this complex process, from advertising the job position to filing the ETA Form 9089.

The Chen Immigration Process

Navigating the U.S. immigration system can feel like trying to find your way through a dense forest without a map. Chen Immigration acts as your guide, offering a structured and efficient process to help you reach your destination. Here’s how they do it:

Initial Evaluation

Chen Immigration starts with a thorough evaluation of your case. This involves an in-depth review of your credentials, achievements, and the specifics of your situation. They provide honest feedback and an assessment of your chances of success, ensuring you have realistic expectations from the outset.

Document Preparation

Once you’ve decided to move forward, the team at Chen Immigration assists you in gathering and preparing all the necessary documents. This includes drafting recommendation letters, compiling evidence of your achievements, and organizing your petition in a clear and persuasive manner.

Petition Filing

With your documents in order, Chen Immigration files your petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). They handle all the logistics, ensuring your petition is submitted correctly and promptly.

RFE Response

In some cases, USCIS may issue a Request for Evidence (RFE) seeking additional information. Chen Immigration’s team is adept at responding to RFEs, providing detailed and comprehensive responses that address the USCIS’s concerns and strengthen your case.

Approval and Beyond

Once your petition is approved, Chen Immigration continues to support you through the next steps of the immigration process, whether it’s adjusting your status, consular processing, or preparing for your arrival in the United States.

Why Choose Chen Immigration?

There are plenty of immigration law firms out there, so why should you choose Chen Immigration? Here are a few compelling reasons:

High Success Rate

Chen Immigration boasts a remarkable success rate, with thousands of approved petitions. Their meticulous attention to detail and expertise in immigration law significantly enhance your chances of approval.

Client-Centric Approach

At Chen Immigration, clients are not just case numbers. They take the time to understand your unique situation and tailor their services to meet your specific needs. Their commitment to client satisfaction is evident in the glowing testimonials and reviews they receive.

Transparent Communication

Immigration processes can be nerve-wracking, but Chen Immigration’s transparent communication keeps you informed at every step. They provide regular updates and are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Extensive Resources

Chen Immigration’s website is a treasure trove of resources, including detailed guides, case studies, and success stories. These resources empower clients with knowledge and insights into the immigration process, helping them make informed decisions.

FAQs about Chen Immigration

What is the success rate of Chen Immigration?

Chen Immigration has an impressive success rate, particularly in EB-1A, EB-1B, and EB-2 NIW cases. While success rates can vary depending on individual circumstances, their track record speaks volumes about their expertise and dedication.

How long does the process take with Chen Immigration?

The timeline can vary based on the type of petition and individual case details. Generally, the preparation and filing process can take a few months, with additional time required for USCIS processing. Chen Immigration provides a detailed timeline based on your specific situation.

What sets Chen Immigration apart from other law firms?

Chen Immigration’s client-centric approach, high success rate, and transparent communication set them apart. They combine legal expertise with personalized service to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients.

Do I need a job offer for EB-2 NIW?

No, the EB-2 NIW category does not require a job offer, making it an attractive option for self-petitioners. Chen Immigration excels in preparing strong EB-2 NIW petitions that highlight the national interest of the client’s work.

How can I get started with Chen Immigration?

You can start by visiting their website and filling out a free evaluation form. This initial assessment will help determine your eligibility and the best path forward. From there, Chen Immigration’s team will guide you through the next steps.


Navigating the U.S. immigration system is no easy feat, but with Chen Immigration by your side, the journey becomes significantly smoother. Their expertise, client-centric approach, and impressive success rate make them a top choice for individuals seeking employment-based immigration to the United States. Whether you’re an extraordinary talent, an outstanding researcher, or someone whose work is in the national interest, Chen Immigration has the know-how to help you achieve your goals.

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