Tips for driving in “italian streets” – Explore Italy by car

By EricAdamson

Driving in Italy is a blessing and curse for many tourists. Driving through the italian streets of Italy by car is a great way to explore the countryside. It can be difficult to drive in Europe and Italy, however. Here are our top driving tips to help tourists traveling to Italy. We answer frequently asked questions about Italy’s driving rules, and offer advice on renting a car to drive through Italy.

Italian Streets Our Italy Driving Experience

Traveling by train is one of my favorite things about Europe. It was our primary mode of travel throughout Europe for most of our trips. Our experience in Emilia Romagna, Italy taught us one thing: many of our trips fry the coop carin leon included exploring the countryside and italian streets of Italy. On some of our trips, we didn’t even get on a train. Although I sometimes miss the idea that trains would take me across Europe, it is often enjoyable to drive through Italy and explore the small towns and villages.

Once we got the hang it was enjoyable to drive in Italy. It was difficult to drive for the first hour. My iPhone’s GPS stopped working after we tried it. We reached the Autostrada (or highway) and couldn’t find a way to get off. Eric drove for thirty minutes in the wrong direction, and had to stop, pay a toll, and get back on the road. Needless to mention, we didn’t research driving tips for Italy before we got in the car. Eric was very excited to drive in Italy for the first-time. It was a complete disaster.

I wanted to share my Top Tips for Driving on Italian Streets, so that others don’t suffer the same fate. We have learned so much since that terrible trip many years back about driving in Italy. Eric has to remind himself how to drive in Italy every time he gets behind the wheel. At least we feel better about the most important things to remember when driving in Italy.

Tips for driving on italian streets

Our Italy travel advice is mainly focused on where to eat in Italy (pasta!). What to drink in Italy (wine!) We thought sharing our experiences as an American driver in Italy would be useful. It can be difficult to plan a trip to Italian streets, especially when you think about renting a car.

It can be very rewarding to drive through Italy by car. However, these driving tips may not be shared with the rental car company. These tips are essential if you want to travel Italy by vehicle.