Why you should visit “Kapaa Travel”

By EricAdamson

Kapaa Travel is located just north of Wailua, Hawaii. It’s “the solid” (Hawaiian) and is found on the “Garden Island”, Kauai County. Here are 10 reasons you should visit Kapaa.

  1. Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant, “Nounou Mountain”, resembles a man lying on his back. The mountainous ridge, which lies between Wailua and Kapaa Cycling Suit, has a unique legend and a spectacular sunrise. Legend has it that this giant was once hungry. The legend says that the giant was tricked by Wailua’s villagers to eat many rocks hidden with the fish. The giant fell into deep sleep and never woke up, although rumors suggest that he will one day rise from his grave.

  1. Kapaa Travel Local Ambiance

Kapaa Travel is a real town with many things blue photography to do. It’s a great spot to stay at a Kapaa Travelinn. The natural surroundings and local atmosphere offer guests the opportunity to enjoy both Hawaiian heritage as well as European ancestry. Some areas may be too crowded with buildings.

  1. Unspoiled beaches and great climate

Kapaa Travel is a wonderful place to visit because of its unspoiled beaches and year-round sunshine.

  1. Near Airport

Kapaa is just 10 minutes from the Kauai Airport.

  1. Restaurants, Bars, and Shopping

Location: Highway 56 into Kapaa

There are many restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance of most resorts in Kapaa. There is no need to drive everywhere, unlike in many areas near a Kapaa Bed and Breakfast. Over 40 shops offer great clothing, jewelry, and delicious food at the Coconut Marketplace. In Kapaa, entertainment is never far away.

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