Marathons in India: to Detox You

By EricAdamson

Running marathons across the nation offers an ideal marathon experience; fitness enthusiasts and those supporting travel trips for good causes cannot resist attending these marathons! From spectacular views, breathtaking air quality and breathtaking surroundings – marathon season is something everyone should experience.

Pack your bag with essentials and get ready to embark on one of the greatest journeys of your life. Be amazed by the peaceful, serene beauty of these locations:

Ladakh Marathon

Are you an athletically strong individual looking to showcase it? Look no further. The world’s tallest marathon takes place here at an elevation just above sea level and provides an entrancing atmosphere and experience.

Participate in one or all four events available: 7km Half marathon, Marathon as well as marathon, or the Khardungla challenge. These races take place both inside and outside the city so you can experience desert’s chill in its most breathtaking form.

Rishikesh half Marathon

Rishikesh Half Marathon will test your endurance over five, 10 and 21 kilometers. Starting off with straightforward runs before progressing through more challenging ones.

A half marathon is immensely popular due to the beautiful sights it affords runners: stunning bridges, scenic rivers and roads in rural settings are all available along with bustling cities where races end – where an enthusiastic crowd will cheer you on and support.

The Kaveri Trail Marathon

This Kaveri Trail Marathon from Srirangapatna in southern India is well worth exploring, offering 10km, half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon distance races to challenge you while providing beautiful running scenery of Kaveri River, paddy fields and muddy tracks in Srirangapatna.

Take in breathtaking scenery or go fishing in its peaceful waters.

Auroville Marathon

is an inclusive race in which there is no clear winner or loser; all participants simply come together as racers to complete it together and enjoy running together! The theme here is ‘Run to Enjoy Running”.

What attracts me to marathon running is its parallel to life: there is no winner or loser at the finish. From five kilometers and 10K races to half marathons and marathons, running allows me to test my endurance while having fun and being happy at the same time.

Mount Abu Half Marathon

is one of the world’s premier marathons, drawing participants aged 18-60 every year.

Start at the foot of Mount Abu and run all the way to its breathtaking Hill Station for a half marathon run, where you can take a rest break and indulge in a steaming cup of milk!

Running is an act of honesty with yourself; one of the greatest affirmations of all. Don’t run to lose or win; rather finish the race!