To reach Everest Basecamp, Use Your Own Method

By EricAdamson

It had been overdue 2018 since it was removed by FlyDubai’s Boeing 737 aircraft. The cool breeze from this day was so refreshing that I felt like I was walking along the familiar old beachfront hallway to the entrance corridor.

It was the beautiful reddish brick walls that educated me when I arrived at this airport in 2013, my first time. The joy and the grief that surrounded me at the moment I arrived, was exactly the same five decades later.

My perceptions were influenced by all the noise and the sights, as well as the smell of the town, since I walked out from the airport. I knew that this was a great experience, just like 2013. Finally, I was back in the nation it started, and at that point the trajectory of my life shaped me into the man I am now.

This was the month that I got married. I arrived in Kathmandu at Tribhuvan International Airport. I also reached my destination, an experience I had always wanted to have in my birthday.

Since 2013, I have always tried to do something completely unorthodox since I started traveling. I spent my birthday in New Zealand, 2015’s birthday dance at Dresden, and 20-17’s birthday hiking the Santa Cruz Path at The Andes alone. 2018 was not any different.

2018 was my year of sight collecting for Everest Foundation C AMP. This distribution camp is at 5,364 metres above sea level and it also has a road that leads to the park.

Basecamp at the Approach to Everest Basecamp

It is a journey to Everest Basecamp that requires dedication and commitment.

As I have stated, Lukla is one of the most terrifying airports in the world. The remote location at the top of a hill at 2,860m above Sealevel, with views to the Himalayas and its small spot, requires that the airport oceans be built in addition to a small cliff.

It is 527m long and has a 30m length. The runway also features a 11.7 percent gradient. This makes it one of the most charming runways on the market. This means that if the plane was too fast, it would hit the mountain. If it was too slow, it would hit the cliff until it acquired. That’s why it is only available to turbines and small aircraft.