Top Tips to Bag a Baramundi In the NT

By EricAdamson

There are many great fishing spots in the NT that boast monster Barra. If you are determined to catch a Baramundi in Australia this year, it is clear that there is only one place you would want to be.

Be aware that fishing in unfamiliar waters can sometimes mean you come home empty-handed. Failing to plan for your Baramundi fishing bonanza will not only make you a laughing stock, but it could also lead to your fishing trip being cancelled.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you again!

You’ll be able to fry the coop bring home the catch of your day every time you go Barra fishing in NT.

  • Where to fish
  • These are the top Baramundi fishing spots in the Northern Territory.
  • Daly Waters
  • South Alligator River (Kakadu)
  • East Alligator River (Kakadu)
  • The Roper River
  • Darwin Harbour
  • Timing is everything

Fishing the Darwin Harbour during the wet season (November-April) will increase your chances to catch a Baramundi than fishing in the inland areas.

Dry season (May-November) is the best time to visit Hardy’s, the Corroboree Billabong, as well as areas in Arnhem Land or Bynoe Harbour.

For the best chance of getting a bite, you should make sure to visit the rivers during the runoff period (February through early June). You should android studio also visit the Mary and Daly Rivers, East and South Alligator Rivers, and the Finniss River.

Fishing in the colder months can often yield less than optimal results. Baramundi have been known to eat less during winter so no matter how fancy your bait, they won’t be able to catch as many fish.

Know your Tides baramundi 

The run-out tide is perhaps the best tide to catch Barra. This is because the fish they love are forced from their temporary sanctuaries. It makes it prime time to fishin’!

Know Your Gear

You don’t need to have the most expensive gear to buy a Barra. However, it is important to have durable and sturdy equipment. Baramundi can palomino trout reach 20 kgs in certain areas, so if your gear is not strong enough, it can cause you to lose a lot of money.