The Top Tips to Make Your Travel Experience Smarter

By EricAdamson

You can build a collection of travel apps.

It’s 2018, and tech-savvy travelers nerds have dominated the digital market for apps that make travel easier for everyone. Skyscanner and other flight search apps make it easy to find (and book!) the best deals. Skyscanner allows you to search by destination Travel Experience Smarter or narrow down the itinerary to the cheapest month.

Hopper is a great tool for those who don’t like to shop around, but still want to book a specific itinerary. This app is designed to predict when the best time to book certain flights and analyze trends in airfare. For example, I would like to fly from Kuala Lumpur in December to Frankfurt but am not sure when I should book the flight. Hopper will give me an overview of the daily price for this flight. Hopper will warn me if prices rise.

You don’t need to check your bag if you don’t want to.

Pack light and learn how to pack efficiently. You can find tons of products to help you do this, such as the cubes, air compressors and roll method. Checked bags are usually expensive. You don’t necessarily need a checked bag in many cases.

A carry-on is allowed, along with a personal item. These items are large enough to provide for your weekend getaway. My stuff is safe and secure so I can rest easy knowing my bag will make it to the right cargo hold or get lost on an alternate flight.

If you do check a bag, mark it Travel Experience Smarter

While many of your fellow travelers will likely have the same Earth-toned rolling bag as you, there are ways to make it stand out. You can use stickers, bags covers, personalized tags and colorful duct tape to mark your territory.

Some airlines (i.e. Delta will notify you when your bag has made it into the hold, as well as when it is removed from the holds. Get airline apps to receive notifications.

Register online and use your Travel Experience Smarter smartphone as a boarding ticket.

You can check in online for most flights 24 hours before your flight. Most airlines will send you an email with a barcode which you can use to print your Travel Experience Smarter boarding pass. Do not wait in line at the counter to get one printed. Do not waste your time trying to figure how to scan your passport using scanners that sometimes fail. Thanks, technology.


It would be easy to think that I wouldn’t need to tell you this, but it is essential. There are signs at the airport that will direct you to where you need to go. These include where the gates are located and where you can find baggage carousels. They also indicate where you can get a taxi. It shouldn’t be a reason to leave the terminal accidentally and have to go through security again. You can learn to identify the arrow you are looking for and then follow it.

Bring your headphones

Many airlines want us to be content so they have loaded movies, TV programs, music albums and travel maps onto our personal screens. I recommend that you watch super long movies on longer flights.

Another recommendation is to watch sci-fi films such as Gravity and Interstellar. It was quite cool to watch Gravity in mid-air as I flew at night. Although you can borrow headphones from cabin crew members, they are often not included and of poor quality. Bose headphones are my favorite, so I always bring mine.

Protect your documents Travel Experience Smarter

Although it is obvious to always have your credit and passport with you, electronic skimmers can be prevented by having a physical hold on them. An RFID-blocking wallet can be purchased if you want to prevent RFID skimmers from targeting your wallet. RFID hacking is less common than ATM and fuel pump skimmers.

False card slots and keypads can be easily missed. You should also protect your PIN from cameras at the ATM and fuel pump. These devices are easy to miss so keep an eye on your bank account and cards. Contact your bank immediately if you notice something amiss.

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