5 Alaskan Bucket List Experiences That You Won’t Forget

By EricAdamson

Alaska offers many iconic experiences, including seeing the Northern Lights and witnessing a glacier. These 8 bucket-list experiences should not be missed.

I have been to Alaska many times and am always impressed by the variety of experiences that are available on a cruise. This is my favorite way to see Alaska. You can see both the land and the sea from a floating hotel.

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Holland America will be my cruise line this summer, and I am excited to be able share details about almost all the experiences. Holland America Line has been to Alaska more than any other cruise line, and it’s a privilege to share this experience with one of my favourite cruise lines.

  1. Glaciers:

One of the most beautiful natural wonders on Earth is the glacier. These huge bodies of slow-moving ice are made of fallen snow, which has been compressed over many centuries into ice. The vast majority of glaciers we see today are remnants from the Ice Age, when huge ice sheets covered the Earth. !

The first time I saw a glacier on Alaskan soil, it will be a memory I will never forget!

  1. Flightseeing

Fly-in fishing, bear watching, hiking, and glacier landings are all great ways to see Alaska’s wildlife and landscape. It is a memorable experience that you will never forget. A lot of Holland America cruises to Alaska offer a flighteing option at selected ports.

  1. Check out The Denali Big 5

Denali Big 5 refers to five large mammals that you may encounter when visiting Denali National Park. Denali National Park, which covers 6,045,153 acres, is the center of it all.

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Holland America’s Alaska cruisetours allow you to fully immerse yourself in Denali. Their land and sea cruisetours can include as many as three nights at the beautiful 60-acre resort on the riverside. This option is perfect for travelers who want to combine their sea adventure with a little bit more land.

  1. Enjoy a Domed Rail Car

A ride on Holland America’s single-level domed rail car offers panoramic views and is another great option. McKinley Explorer dome trains provide summer service between Anchorage and Talkeetna. This is a unique way to see Alaska.

  1. Alpenglow at Midnight

Alpenglow’s tranquil colors are a photographer’s delight and it is so cool to see it at night. You will get more daylight the further north you travel. If you are looking for longer days, include these stops in your itinerary. It is definitely worth experiencing sunset at midnight once in your lifetime!

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Watch A Whale Swim?

There are many whale-watching opportunities in Alaska, including Beluga, Humpback and Grey whales, Bowhead, Blue, Right and Minke whales.

May through September is the best time to see Alaska’s whales. These months are the best time to see humpback whales or orcas from a small boat tour or cruise ship.