Mauritius Travel Tip

By EricAdamson

These were just some of the questions Scott received from friends prior to our departure to Mauritius last October. Although we had an idea of the location of the island, I regret to admit that we didn’t know the answers to all the other questions.

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Although Mauritius is an iconic European destination, it is not well-known by many Americans and Canadians.

It is located approximately 2,000 miles from Africa’s southeast coast, making it a challenging trek for travelers from Canada or the United States. It took us approximately thirty-five to thirty-five hours travel from San Diego to Mauritius. This doesn’t mean that this destination isn’t worth spending hours on the plane.

Mauritius is home to many immigrants from India. Although English is the official language of Mauritius, many people speak French or Mauritian Creole.

This is a great destination for English-speaking tourists because almost everyone speaks English. Creole, the informal language, is used in both private and public places. This language was invented by slaves in 18th-century France to allow them to communicate with French masters and other slaves.

An outer reef surrounds a large portion of the island, creating calm, piercingly blue lagoons for water sports and swimming. For water sports enthusiasts with a fear of sharks, this provides a safety net.

Find out our Mauritius travel tips, including where to stay and when to go?

How to get to Mauritius is the most important question. We love to help others learn from our mistakes. Here’s an example: If you are traveling from the United States towards Mauritius, choose Dubai over Paris.

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There are a few things that the Dubai route removes from your travel experience. Dubai Airport is a great place to stay for a long layover. After your first flight, you’ll want to take some time to relax.

It is a good idea to allow yourself at most a six-hour layover. You can stretch your legs, check into a hotel room, take a shower, and get a place to sleep at the airport. Although it may seem like a lot, the experience of two 12-hour flights in a row is not something we want to repeat anytime soon.

There is a possibility that you’ll make a stop at Reunion Island if you travel through Paris. It might sound great in theory but you will soon realize that you have only three hours to clear customs at Paris Charles De Gaulle. Once you do, you can grab your luggage and make your way to Orly Airport, which is more than an hour away.

As long as you fly directly to Mauritius from Charles De Gaulle on your second flight, the Paris route works fine. However, the Dubai route is more appealing.

You have two options: rent a car, or hire someone to drive for you. We booked car transfers as we knew we wouldn’t be able to drive ourselves on our arrival. This service will be provided by your hotel. You can also book Maki Car Rental, who offer tours and transfers as well as car rentals.

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When is the best time to visit Mauritius

The winter weather is my only gripe about Mauritius. Because I love the ocean, I enjoy hot, hot, and hot weather when visiting islands. If you like balmy weather and warm ocean water, as we do, then I recommend visiting during their summer (November to April).

Summer is also a calmer season, with the wind blowing at a lower speed, creating perfect conditions for kayaking, SUP, and surfing. Winter is for those who prefer mild temperatures and water sports that require wind like kitesurfing.

Mauritius is a special place to travel

Our Mauritius trip was not only a memorable experience due to the friendly locals, laid-back island vibe and stunning views, but also because of a few firsts. Scott and I were going to Africa for the first time. There wasn’t any need for special immunizations or malaria pills.

Scott attempted water skiing for the very first time. His instructor at Four Seasons Resort helped him do a great job. He also tried sailing for the first time. You can also throw in the first boat he flipped. (I was glad that I wasn’t with him on that boat ride.

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There are many tropical islands that can be reached in less than 30 hours by plane. So what is it about Mauritius? It’s a great question. Find out more in our blog post about our reasons to visit Mauritius!