Here are some fun things for teens to do this fall

By EricAdamson

It is important to keep teens engaged in physical, mental, and social activities. Even though fall can be full of back-to school hustle and bustle it also means shorter working days. Some teens might be more inclined than others to stay inside as the sun sets earlier and the temperature drops. There are fun games and treasure hunts for kids, as well as quizzes and murder mystery games suitable for adults of all ages and specially-designed products for seasonal celebrations like halloween scavenger hunt, Christmas, Easter or Summer. On the Grapevine’s website, visitors will find pre-made items for celebrations and other events. There is everything you require, from murder mysteries to pub quizzes and amazing themed treasure hunts that are perfect for children.

Help your teenager find ways to keep busy and active, and counter boredom. These are some fun fall activities you can try:

Get Outside

With its mild temperatures and beautiful foliage, fall is a great time to be outdoors. Outdoor activities are a great way to get some exercise. Invite your teen friends to join you and:

  • You can camp in your backyard.
  • Five miles on a bicycle
  • Make a chalkboard mural on the sidewalk with a fall theme.
  • Imagine a tree about to lose its leaves.
  • Play in the leaves!
  • Photograph the fall foliage. Realistically, take photos of each other in fall foliage.
  • Take your dog on a mile-long stroll.
  • Tackle a corn maze.
  • Get involved in the garden.
  • Hike.
  • Pick pumpkins or apples.
  • Acts of Kindness

You can volunteer together as a family or help your teen to get involved in community projects. They will learn valuable life lessons from you that they may not have learned in school. These are some acts of kindness that you can encourage.

  • To celebrate Thanksgiving, send a thank you note to someone who has helped.
  • Take part in a charity fundraising event.
  • Volunteer to walk or rake the leaves of a neighbor’s dog.
  • Offer to babysit for free to someone who might need it.
  • Volunteer at your local food pantry.

Enjoying Fun with Friends

Your teen’s first year of school is a great time to build healthy relationships with other students. Your teen should be supported in making friends outside the school environment. These are some fun activities that your teen could enjoy with friends this fall:

  • Plan a harvest party.
  • You can plan a Halloween party.
  • Make a group costume for Halloween
  • Together, carve pumpkins.
  • Tell ghost stories at a bonfire
  • Enjoy an overnight movie marathon
  • You can play a murder mystery.
  • Visit a haunted home (or work in one).
  • Participate in a school sporting event.
  • Invite someone to join a club that you’re not a member of or join a new club at school.

Family Adventures

Family memories can be made in fall. Find new ways to have fun together, and share quality time by participating in fall activities.

  • To see the fall foliage, hike a rail trail.
  • Put a scarecrow in your home.

Decorate for Halloween

You can roast pumpkin seeds, or make another fall-inspired recipe. Any recipe that uses apples, pumpkins or squash is good.

  • Organize a yard sale.
  • Picnic in a park nearby
  • Take a look at the events calendar for your community and pick a few to attend.
  • Roast marshmallows and have a bonfire
  • You can go on a fall color scavenger hunting.
  • Take a hayride.

Discover Something New

Assess your teen’s life skills before the new school year begins. Is there a chore they could learn in the house? What about taking new steps towards financial independence? These valuable life skills can be yours.

  • You can open or balance a checking bank account.
  • You can learn how to prepare a family favorite recipe or a family meal.
  • Start your own business or look for part-time work.
  • Get a new habit of being healthy.
  • Assume responsibility for the chores in your household, such as washing laundry or cleaning out their bathroom.
  • Start a book club or join one.