Switzerland Travel Tips for a Fantastical and Flawless Vacation

By EricAdamson

These tips will help you make your dream vacation in Switzerland a reality. Swiss Epic Tours is an inbound travel agency located in Switzerland. Swiss Epic Tours offers private tours switzerland, chauffeur-guided tailor-made services throughout Switzerland and neighboring countries. We are based in Zurich and can help you create the tour that suits your needs. We can help you whether you want to book an existing tour with more privacy and comfort, or if you need a custom-made offer that meets your needs.

Talking small is not appreciated

This is not personal, but part of the culture. Switzerland’s majority have their own space and expects others to respect it. They don’t mind having fun. Respect their culture and preferences, and don’t offend anyone.

Do not be fooled by the beautiful lakes’ beauty.

Switzerland is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and swans swimming about. These gentle creatures can be annoying so don’t bother them. Enjoy their beauty from afar and don’t assume they are your only option.

In Switzerland, the day begins early

Switzerland’s people believe in “early bed and early rise” so you can go to the grocery store and restaurants even before 6 AM. This also means that shops close at a very early hour. Planning your visit is the best way to get the most out of these places.

Are you going to party? Do not rely on public transport

The majority of public transit stops operating after midnight. Make sure to plan how you will get back to your hotel. Before you go out drinking or partying, it is a good idea to know the route you will be taking.

Local chocolatiers can sell Swiss chocolates

You can’t go to Switzerland without trying some of its sweet treats. Even though chocolates in high-end shops are often packaged in more appealing packaging, you can still enjoy the delicious taste of local chocolatiers and save a few dollars.

Swiss Travel Pass offers great deals

The Swiss Travel Pass is a great way to travel, and includes unlimited travel on all Swiss Travel System networks (railways, cable cars). 50 percent off most mountain railways and cable cars. You will also get free admission to over 500 museums and exhibitions.

Tap water is safe to drink, so no need to buy bottles

Switzerland is one of the most clean countries in the world. It is safe to drink the water from any tap, except where there is a warning that it may not be clean (in cases of recycling). Instead of spending money on a new bottle, carry an empty one.

Take a day trip to touristic destinations and get off the beaten path

Switzerland is small and takes five hours to travel from one end to the other. This is why it is best to stay in an undiscovered area and then visit the touristic areas on a day trip. These places will also offer cheaper accommodation.

Locals can speak more than one language

French, German and Romansh are some of the most spoken languages. English is also spoken frequently, but you only need to learn a few phrases. You can also learn some Swiss-German, or use a translator on your smartphone.