By EricAdamson

Top 10 Surreal Photography Ideas You Can Repeat

We have fifteen amazing examples of surreal photos in this article. These surreal photography photos will inspire creativity and encourage you to think in the direction of surrealism. While some effects can be achieved using the right camera settings, others require specific photo editing skills.

1. Create Strange Juxtapositions

Surreal photography can be done in many ways. One way is to combine unrelated objects or make them appear illogical. The more you combine different things, the more dramatic you can achieve. The photo of a woman wearing a fishtank over her head, filled with fish, is a great example.

2.Change the Colors

Surreal photography is a popular technique that uses colors. Every thing in the world has its own shade. The grass is green, and the sky blue. The sun is yellow. To create surreal and stunning images, you will need to alter jackie jean photography or intensify the colors. Another trick to create eye-catching photos is to desaturate parts of the photo.

3.Play with Natural Elements

Play with natural elements to create kapaa travel surreal photos. Kyle Thompson is an artist who actively uses natural elements to create his photos.

He is shown in self-portrait photography clad in water and wrapped in a blazing flame. He appears very calm despite the chaotic surroundings. This photography technique demonstrates a successful collaboration between natural as well as unnatural forces.

4. Make Your Subject Levitate

You can make things appear to float in photos. This is how you can achieve photo surrealism. You need two photos to make your levitation photography dreams a reality. You should take one photo that features a subject that is levitating. The second should show the same scene, but without the subject.

5. Go Underwater

You can combine underwater photography with surrealistic concepts. A waterproof camera is required to take such photos.

Lara Zankoul, a Lebanese photographer, is a pioneer of the surreal underwater photography genre. Her series “The Unseen”, which features original and compelling images, is her first.

6. Make Sure the Lighting Is Consistent Across All Composites

For photos that look natural, consistent lighting is a key factor. The magic of surreal photos can be destroyed if the lighting is not right. Proper photography lighting bulbs are essential for creating great images, especially indoors.

7. Go for the Unexpected

The image of a woman peeling her skin to reveal what lies beneath makes viewers wonder what message the photographer is trying to convey. Unexpected ideas can be used to achieve the same effect.

8. Forced Perspective

Forcing perspective photography is an optical illusion technique that makes objects appear larger, smaller, closer or further away depending on the angle from which they were shot.

9. Add Shock Value

Surreal photography doesn’t always shock people with bizarre images. Photographers often amaze their viewers with an improbable cause. Frieke Janssen, for example, presented surreal images of children smoking. These photos caused controversy and mixed emotions.

10. Mirrors should be integrated

Mirrors can be used to create amazing photos. You can cover one or more parts of the model’s body using a mirror or create an “infinity mirror effect”.