15 Things You Should Do in Odaiba

By EricAdamson

Here are the top 15 things to do in Odaiba: From the first digital art museum in the world to a replica of Liberty, a gigantic Gundam robot, and one of Japan’s largest onsens, the Statue of Liberty.

Team Lab Borderless Digital Art Museum

TeamLab Borderless, the first digital art museum in the world, is one of Tokyo’s most beautiful places. It’s a stunning and magical world of colour, light, and sound. There are digital waterfalls that gushes, a room with glowing lanterns, and a captivating crystal world. It is a must-see for anyone visiting Tokyo or Odaiba.

TeamLab Borderless tickets sell out quickly so make sure to reserve your tickets early. You can only enter with an official ticket. Klook allows you to reserve tickets in advance.

While tickets are reserved for a particular day, there are no specific entry times. Ticket holders can still visit the museum during normal hours.

Statue of Liberty

Odaiba’s Statue Of Liberty brings a little bit of NYC to Tokyo. In tribute to Japan and France, the statue was originally brought from France in 1998. It arrived in Odaiba in 2000. Lady Liberty now sits in front the stunning backdrop of the Rainbow Bridge. This is one of Tokyo’s most photographed spots.

3 | Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai

One floor of Aqua City’s shopping center is dedicated to ramen. This is a great place to try Japan’s most loved dish. Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan mai is a group of six popular ramen shops that offer unique dishes in a variety of styles.

Legoland Discovery Centre

The Legoland Discovery Centre is a great option for families with Lego-loving children. This is the ultimate Lego playground! It boasts over 3,000,000 Lego blocks, 2 rides, 10 play zones, Lego classes, and a 4D cinema.

5 | Gundam Robot

The DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Mall in Odaiba is home to a Unicorn Gundam Robot that stands 20 metres tall. It transforms several times per day from Unicorn mode into battle-ready Destroy mode, using sound and light. Gundam music and anime clips are shown in the evening. This is a great place to take photos if you’re around the area, and it’s a favorite among anime fans.

6 | Oedo-Onsen Monogatari

Japan is known for its abundant hot springs, also called onsen. Odaiba is home of one of the largest. It is worth visiting the Oedo Onsen Monogatari to enjoy an onsen experience for the first. There are 13 types of hot spring pools, including ones that offer fish therapy or foot baths to revitalize tired feet.

You can spend the whole day at the Onsen. There are restaurants on site, an arcade with festival-style games and ample grounds to explore. The rental fee includes a yukata (a colorful kimono), and entry.

Palette Town Ferris Wheel

Odaiba is home of a brightly colored Ferris Wheel that stands 115 metres tall. The Ferris Wheel offers views of the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Skytree. It takes just 16 minutes to ride. The Ferris Wheel glows in 100 colors at night and evening rides showcase the twinkling lights from Tokyo.

Tokyo Joypolis

Tokyo Joypolis, an indoor arcade from SEGA, has arcade games as well as 3D and virtual reality attractions. You can try a rollercoaster and haunted house as well as a virtual snowboard halfpipe, a Transformers-themed ride, and a haunted home.

Rainbow Bridge

Officially called the Tokyo Connector Bridge or Rainbow Bridge, this suspension bridge connects Tokyo and Odaiba. Both the bridge and its Tokyo backdrop are instantly recognisable. Two brightly colored towers support the Rainbow Bridge. During December, solar energy collected during the day is used to illuminate the bridge at night.

Odaiba Beach

Odaiba Seaside Park’s Odaiba Beach is almost 1km in length. It was made using sand from the Izu Islands. Although swimming is not allowed, the beach is very popular for sunbathing as well as other sports like Frisbee and volleyball. Odabia Beach offers beautiful views of the Tokyo skyline, Rainbow Bridge and other landmarks.

Miraikan, The National Museum of Science and Innovation

Miraikan was created by Japan’s Science and Technology Agency. It is one of Tokyo’s most loved things to do with children. The exhibits include a full-size model of the International Space Station living quarters and the Geo-Cosmos Globe measuring 10 million pixels. A section of rock core that records the meteorite impact which caused the death of the dinosaurs is also on display. The Mammoth exhibit featured frozen specimens of extinct mammoths.

Take to the water

A water bus connecting Asakusa with Odaiba offers a unique way to see the Tokyo skyline from the water. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the sights and also allows you to travel between the two cities. As you cruise around the bay, you will see iconic Tokyo landmarks such as the Tokyo Sky Tree or the Rainbow Bridge. After you have arrived in Odaiba, take some time to see some of the amazing sights we mentioned. It takes approximately 50 minutes to get there. The Asakusa Odaiba water bus line has panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the amazing views.

Venus Fort

The shopping center Venus Fort, located in Palette Town is inspired by a medieval European village. This luxurious complex features a grand interior filled with Renaissance statues, paintings, and it is the ideal mix of shopping and sightseeing. The spectacular sky scene with sunsets and clouds is displayed by the domed roof. A highlight is the Fountain Plaza with six Roman goddesses holding a fountain. The Church Plaza, which is modeled after a Roman temple, is another highlight.

14 | Trick Art Museum

Another great option is the Trick Eye Museum. It’s a 3D optical illusion art museum. The museum’s theme is “Vividness and Gorgeous Edo” and visitors are transported back to the Edo era. It’s fun to explore the world of illusions, the immersive art of the Trick Eye Museum, and take tons of funny photos!

15 | Mega Web

Mega Web, another attraction in Palette Town, is a Toyota-themed park that targets car enthusiasts. Mega Web features zones that showcase sports cars, future models and Gazoo Racing cars as well as the latest Toyota products. You can touch, feel, and experience both historical cars and modern models. You can also test drive new models of cars.