17 Romantic Things to Do in NYC

By EricAdamson

Here are 17 romantic things you can do in NYC, including sunset walks across Brooklyn Bridge and helicopter rides. We dare you to not fall in love with New York City and each other!

1. Sunset walks across the Brooklyn Bridge

Nothing is more romantic than following the Brooklyn Bridge’s path from Brooklyn to Manhattan as the sun sets.

These views overlook Manhattan’s downtown and include many iconic landmarks. From the bridge, you can see everything from One World Trade in Midtown to the Chrysler Building and Empire State in Midtown.

The Brooklyn Bridge bridge is romantic and inspiring, despite the bustle of runners, cyclists, and commuters.

2. Central Park row boats

One of our favorite romantic things in NYC is a boat ride through Central Park. Loeb Boathouse, Central Park has a fleet of 100 boats that you can rent. It’s the ideal activity for a sunny afternoon with a New York couple.

There are amazing views from the Lake of New York, and there is plenty of water for exploration at 22 acres. The best part is that rowboats are only $15 per hour. This is a great deal by New York standards. Venetian Gondolas can also be rented to give a guided tour if you prefer to focus on each other.

3. Take a walk along the High Line

The High Line is a elevated walkway and park that runs up Manhattan’s West Side. It starts in the Meatpacking District and passes through Chelsea before reaching Hudson Yards and Vessel, which are both recent additions to New York’s most iconic landmarks.

The walkway offers some of the most spectacular views of New York’s skyline. The walk is filled with quirky seating spots and artistic landscapes.

4. Immersive theatre is your chance to enter the realm of immersive theatre

These immersive, engaging theatre shows make a great date choice.

Immersive shows are based on audience interaction and large sets. These shows are often full of emotion and heighten the senses. They also make great conversation points post-show.

Sleep No More: The original NYC immersive show Sleep No More will remain our number one date night choice. Sleep No More, which is set in the McKittrick hotel in Chelsea, is based upon an interpretation Macbeth. Gallow Green is the charming rooftop restaurant and bar. Manderley, the jazz speakeasy, is great for post-dinner drinks and food. Klook is often a great place to find last-minute tickets.

Then She Fell: This intimate theatre experience is available in Brooklyn at Then She Fell. It limits shows to 15 people. The play is based on Lewis Carroll’s writings and performed in the dark setting of a hospital ward.

5. Picnic in Central Park

Make sure you schedule a date in the park when the sun shines in New York City. Central Park is a great place to have a picnic in NYC. A picnic blanket, some drinks and food are all you need to enjoy a romantic afternoon of enjoyment. You can also let someone else prepare the picnic and do the bike ride.

We love Sheep’s Meadow, and the Great Lawn for a Central Park picnic. They are both full of city dwellers and tourists and offer the perfect spot for a picnic against the backdrop of Manhattan’s skyline.

6. Cocktails in a Speakeasy

New York’s cocktails are some of the most famous in the world. The city is also home to charming speakeasy-style establishments. NYC speakeasies were once a place to elicit alcohol during Prohibition. They are known for their hidden entrances, neon signs and vintage decor, as well as a wide selection of delicious cocktails.

PDT (or Please Don’t Tell) is a NYC speakeasy that has been around for a while and one of our favourite places to go on date nights is PDT. You can access it via a telephone box. The Crif hotdogs taste as good as the cocktails. Little Branch, a basement speakeasy, where trains rumble overhead and Bathtub Gin with, yes, a bathtub centrepiece are also great.

7. Broadway Show

Broadway shows are amazing theatrical productions. It is easy to get lost in the moment with their infectious energy. It doesn’t matter if you are watching the show for the first time or 100th time, it’s still a great place to spend a date night.

We love the spellbinding Phantom of the Opera and Broadway’s longest-running show, the Lion King, the amazing musical Wicked, as well as the amazing musical Wicked.

8. Sunset Cruise

It is always magical to watch the sun set in New York City. The city lights up in anticipation of the night ahead as darkness sets in, and everything seems possible.

From the water, New York’s skyline and sunsets are particularly stunning. A sunset yacht cruise on Hudson was one of our most memorable dates.

9. Ballet at Lincoln Centre

The New York City Ballet is based at the Lincoln Centre. It is a sight to behold the beautiful choreography and captivating performances.

10. Wine tasting in Long Island/ Hudson Valley

Romance and wine go hand-in-hand so we recommend a visit to the wine country. A day filled with rolling vineyards, delicious wine, and tasty nibbles makes for a memorable one.

The most romantic things to do NYC: It’s easy to travel by bus and visit the vineyards. Tours departing Manhattan stop at the top wineries to taste their wines.

11. Skyline Views

New York City is home to one of the most famous skylines in the world. It’s the ideal setting for romantic gazing at the iconic buildings and skyscrapers.

These are our top vantage points for romantic views and romance:

The Empire State Building: There’s no better place to see New York City than the Empire State Building’s open-air viewing platform at 86th Street. All of New York City’s most iconic landmarks can be seen, from Central Park to Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

Rainbow Room: I love to sip cocktails in a rooftop bar while enjoying the view from Rainbow Room on the Rockefeller Centre’s 65th floor. You can enjoy spectacular views from the Rainbow Room. There is even an outdoor terrace that offers extra special views.

Rockefeller Centre – The Rockefeller Centre offers the best view of Midtown Manhattan and Central Park. It is located at the Rockefeller Centre’s top.

The viewing platform at the 67th Floor is enclosed by glass panels. The views from the top of Manhattan are stunning, both north and south.

River Cafe: Reserve a window seat at Brooklyn’s River Cafe, nestled under Brooklyn Bridge, for a romantic evening. The River Cafe has stunning views of the skyline and is a romantic spot. It also boasts a Michelin Star, making it an exceptional dining experience.

12. Movie Night

New York has many unique cinemas that are ideal for romantic dates.

One of our favorite places was the recently closed Paris Theatre. Sex and the City immortalized it when Carrie stated that “The best thing about living in New York City is that you can go to Paris any night of the week.”

Village East Cinema is an alternative. It was once a theatre. The theater has Broadway-style seating, red velvet seats, and a beautiful ornate ceiling.

Rooftop Cinema Club at Embassy Suites is a great place to enjoy a romantic movie evening in the open. Moviegoers can relax on deck chairs and enjoy cocktails while taking in the city air, as they watch classics such as Ghost, Dirty Dancing and Stand by Me.

13. Grand Central Station

Although train stations aren’t often romantic places, the Grand Central is. It was the place where soldiers returning from World War II were reunited. It feels like a movie set because of its iconic status as the location for films like Superman and Avengers.

Grand Central’s romantic highlights are the Whispering Galleries, and the Campbell Apartment.

Whispering Galleries – The Whispering Galleries are a fun talking point where two couples can sit in opposite corners of the concourse, whispering sweet nothings down the hall.

Campbell Apartment: Hidden in the corner is the Campbell Apartment. The speakeasy serves Prohibition Punch and other concoctions. This is also where Serena, Nate and others meet for the famous Gossip Girl Scene.

14. Helicopters over NYC

A helicopter ride is one of the most romantic things you can do in NYC. It offers the thrill of the ride, breathtaking views, and the unique experience to fly over NYC’s landmarks.

15. Make a day trip to Niagara Falls

It is hard to believe that the majestic Niagara Falls are so close in proximity to New York City’s chaos. It’s hard to believe the power and sound of Niagara Falls. The turquoise waters soaring over the Falls is a sight to behold.

16. Dinner Cruise

The Bateaux NYC dinner cruise is a wonderful choice for special occasions. It is truly romantic to enjoy dinner, drinks, and music as you sail under the Manhattan skyline.

17. Fine dining

In 2021, Michelin Stars were given to 68 NYC restaurants. Many of these establishments set the scene for romantic meals.

The 3 Michelin Star Per Se is a fantastic, but very expensive, option if you’re looking to really go all out. The traditional dining room overlooks Central Park and Columbus Circle.